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Hopewell hails greenway's united state (07/03/10)

An excellent acquisition. While only 130 acres, it effectively creates, according to the article, a 8-square-mile stretch of green space. Bravo to D&R Greenway!

Hopewell hails greenway's united state - Key property creates unbroken swath of open space

By Erin Duffy
Image credit, Tom Sommerville
Original article appears here.

HOPEWELL TOWNSHIP - More than 130 acres of fields, woods and stream nestled between Washington Crossing State Park and Baldpate Mountain have been permanently preserved as open space.
The historic Hollystone Property, as it's called, was acquired with the help of D&R Greenway Land Trust May 25, a $2.8 million purchase open space advocates and state and local officials are planning to celebrate next week.
Located off Route 29 in the area of Fiddlers Creek Road, the property links Washington Crossing State Park with Baldpate Mountain, effectively creating an 8-square mile swath of preserved land stretching from Mercer to Hunterdon County.
"As a result of this preservation, people will soon be able to walk from Washington Crossing State Park to Baldpate Mountain," said Linda Mead, the executive director of D&R Greenway. "As trails continue to be built through this land and other preserves in the area, this entire region will be accessible. That's our goal -- to preserve lands, and provide the public with access to be able to enjoy them."
With the help of open space funds from the state, Mercer County, Hopewell Township and Friends of Hopewell Valley Open Space, D&R Greenway was able to purchase the 132 acres from its owners, a family that wishes to remain anonymous.
The property will be co-owned by Mercer County, the state, Hopewell Township and the Friends of Hopewell Valley Open Space.
The land includes an early 19th-century home rumored to be built by the founder of nearby Titusville. The previous owners of the property will continue to live there, and an 11-acre "building envelope" has been placed around the house and other existing structures, allowing the homeowners to rebuild within that area if they'd like.
In a recent newsletter, the property was called a "conservation bonanza," with woodlands that make up a 9,500-acre forest that is home to rare and endangered plants and animals.
In January, D&R Greenway scored another open space coup, acquiring the 340-acre St. Michael's tract in Hopewell Township in an $11 million deal. The land was the former site of an orphanage and industrial school owned by the Diocese of Trenton.
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