Friday, July 9, 2010

73 acres preserved in Kingwood, Hunterdon County

From a NJ Conservation e-mail... this one is so fresh it's not even on their Web site yet!

Vital stats:

ACRES:  73 
TOWN: Kingwood TownshipCOUNTY:  Hunterdon
REGION: Western Piedmont 
TYPE: Farmland easement and fee purchase of natural area
PARTNERS: Kingwood Township, Hunterdon Land Trust Alliance, State Agriculture Development Committee, U.S. Department of Agriculture/ Natural Resources Conservation Service

KINGWOOD TOWNSHIP - New Jersey Conservation Horse Shoe BendFoundation and its partners have preserved a 73-acre property outside Frenchtown for public recreation and agricultural use. 

The newly-preserved property on Horseshoe Bend Road consists of a 48-acre parcel, on which a farmland easement was purchased, and a 25-acre parcel that was purchased outright.

The land sits on the Delaware River Bluffs and offers spectacular views of Pennsylvania. It contains the finest farmland in Kingwood Township, trout production tributaries to the Delaware, and significant woodlands.

New Jersey Conservation Foundation purchased an easement on the 48-acre farmland parcel, ensuring that it remains in agricultural use forever. Funding came from the State Agriculture Development Committee (SADC) and U.S. Department of Agriculture's Farm and Ranchlands Protection Program.

Kingwood Township and the Hunterdon Land Trust Alliancebought the 25-acre natural area in fee, using state Green Acres funding and Kingwood Township open space money.

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