Friday, October 19, 2012

West Orange Letting Nature Take Over on 10,000 Sq. Ft. Parcel

Here's one more we somehow missed last summer. At 10,000 square feet, this plot is less than 1/4 an acre, but we appreciate that West Orange plans to just let nature take its course there.

This article was originally posted on West Orange Patch.

West Orange Adds to Its Open Space

The amount of open space in West Orange continues to grow. 
The property at 7 Belgrade Terrace was acquired by the township at the beginning of July. The 10,000 square-foot lot was purchased for approximately $60,000 using money from the Open Space Trust Fund and the township. 
The township should receive a reimbursement of at least half of the purchase price from New Jersey Green Acres Planning Incentive Grant. 
Municipal Engineer Leonard Lepore said that said the township was in communication with the neighbors on Belgrade Terrace and they supported the purchase. 
By purchasing the property, Lepore said it prevents anyone from removing trees, which could negatively affect water runoff in the surrounding area. 
“West Orange has long supported open space preservation for our growing conservation and recreation needs,” wrote Mayor Robert Parisi in a press release. “A permanent deed restriction on land helps preserve historic, scenic and recreational areas of our Township.”
The township owns two other lots on the street at 15 and 19 Belgrade Terrace, and both are also about 10,000 square feet. These other two properties were acquired in a swap with the property owner in an effort to prevent development on the properties, said Lepore.  
“In this one we will just let nature keep taking over,” said Lepore, “because that’s what it is now.” 

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